ZEN Faucet

The Faucet was created as a tool for community growth, providing an easy bridge between new users and our ecosystem. The Faucet rewards you with ZEN, offering an easy and free way for you to receive and send your first transactions. It will also give you the opportunity to start exploring and learning with our awesome products, for free! Our products include:

  • ZEN’s flagship wallet, Sphere by Horizen
  • Our totally free education platform, ZEN Academy, for every type of user; regardless of your knowledge.

How to use the Faucet


Horizen Faucet


You do not have an official ZEN wallet
If you do not have a ZEN wallet, please visit our official wallet page and choose the wallet that suits your needs. We recommend using our flagship wallet, Sphere by Horizen. It is important to consider that, we do not recommend using Exchange addresses at all, since Exchanges have their own rules and limits on minimum transactions deposits. Issues may arise using addresses from exchanges.

You have an official ZEN wallet

See video for reference:

Star counter

On the upper part of the screen you will have a star counter that would start filling as soon as you start claiming. Each consecutive daily claim will accumulate a star (between 20-30 hours apart from your last claim). Once the star count reaches 5 stars, you can claim the Bonus Round. In the following explanation, we will explain how the star counter works in detail.

Star Counter rules:

Bonus Round

A bonus round could be only activated by two events:

Let's discuss each case:

When a referral is activated

Activated means that a referral in your dashboard is already registered with your invitation and have already claimed ZEN in the Faucet for the first time. Once these two events become true, the referral status will change to "Claim now" after 24 hours. When the button is clicked, the Bonus Round screen pops up to play the game. It is important to notice that there is no time limit to claim a bonus round in the referral page.

Claiming consecutively for five days

A consecutive claim will accumulate a star in your star level, once you have the 5 stars on the star counter, you will be able to play the bonus round when desired. Bonus Rounds are not accruable, this means that in order to claim it successfully you will need to play it before accumulating again the five stars.

A bonus round can reward you up to 1 ZEN, possible values to win are 0.0025, 0.1 and 1 ZEN, there is greater probability to win the minimum reward than winning the 1 ZEN reward

See video for reference:

Extra Rewards

The bonus tab is used to link your social media accounts into the Faucet. Currently, you can link your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. In the future, we plan to add more options. The amount of accounts linked will determine the multiplier you will end up having every time you claim on the Faucet. This means that the more you authenticate, the higher the multiplier and higher your rewards will be!

This new feature is intended to help ensure real users get more, and dissuade malicious actors from using the Faucet. You can view the benefits of linking your social media by clicking on the Extra Rewards tab.

See video for reference

Referral Tab

The referral tab is used to manage your referral system, you have two options to invite someone to the Faucet:

Your referrals dashboard

In here you can visualize the amount of people that have registered so far, there are three statuses for a referral.

See video for reference:

History Tab

The history tab is used to review your claiming history, this table contains all the claims you have made through time including the bonus rounds. There are four columns:

Signing and verifying

One of our responsibilities to our community is to enforce safer practices in the crypto world, in order to promote safe crypto and reduce vectors of attack. We decided to take a stab at it by implementing a sign and verify feature on the Faucet. This feature will promote safe crypto and ensure our users receive their Faucet funds in a wallet in which the user has control over their private keys.

This feature works in a simple way:

Once verified you will get the bonus multiplier.


In order to promote safe practices, we are giving a bonus for verified addresses.

Claiming on the Faucet with a verified address will allow you to win more ZEN every time you claim! A multiplier BONUS of 1.5x will let you win 50% more in every claim. Users will also have the opportunity to experience our wallet (Sphere by Horizen) and will learn to store the funds in a safe way (using non custodial wallets).

It is always important to recall that being able to manage your private keys in a wallet means having full control over your funds.

If the user decided to claim from the Faucet without verifying an address, a 0.5 multiplier will be applied to the final value of your claim. The deposits of unverified address will also be performed once a week, every Monday. Your total ZEN accumulated from the previous week will be deposited into the address. You can see your pending balance on the “Extra Rewards” page.

How to sign and verify

The signing and verifying process depends on the type of device you are using.

Sweet HODL! Bonus

Our new bonus gives you dynamic Faucet multipliers for HODLing your ZEN!

How it works

In the extra rewards tab there’s a Sweet HODL! Bonus section where you can see the multiplier being applied to your claims. To increase your multiplier, you will need the balance mentioned in the graphic (e.g. You will need to stake .25 ZEN to receive a 1.25 multiplier).

Once you have the required ZEN, you will need to wait 24 hours to get your bonus. More specifically, you’ll need 576 UTXOS

After 24 hours, the bonus multiplier will be reflected on the graph and will be applied on your daily claims. You’ll keep getting your bonus as long as you maintain the minimum balance.

Let's explain this by steps.

Don’t want to wait to have the max bonus multiplier?

You can easily buy ZEN, you can click on the Buy ZEN button or choose your preferred partner to buy ZEN under the official exchanges list.


What is a ZEN address?

A zen address is where you can receive our cryptocurrency ZEN, in order to have an address you need to install a wallet first, for this you could visit our our official wallet page. We personally recommend using Sphere by Horizen, but please feel free to choose the one that suits you. If you are new to cryptocurrencies we recommend you visit our academy and read our educational content, you can start by reading our article What is a wallet. This content is completely free!

How often are payments made?

Payments are made every minute to optimize server performances.

What do I do if I wasn’t paid? Did you use an exchange account?
  • If you used an exchange account:
    • The exchange may have a minimum deposit limit, this limit would usually be higher than the small amount claimed on the Faucet, therefore small balances not surpassing the lower limit would not be showing on your exchange address.
    • If your exchange account have a minimum block confirmation number, the transaction will show up until the required amount of blocks, specified by the exchange, is confirmed, this confirmation could take hours. Depending on the amount of blocks to be confirmed. A block is mined on average, every 2.5 minutes (this time could vary per block, since this is an average time).
  • If you use one of our wallets, such as Sphere by Horizen, you will receive your award after a single block confirmation.
    • After verifying that you were not paid by reviewing the transaction history inside the history page. Please create a ticket in our Helpdesk detailing your case and we will gladly provide you support.
Error Message: Due to faucet abuse, proxy are not allowed

Since VPNs and Proxies are some of the tools that could be used to maliciously use the Faucet, we decided to prohibit the use short term, but since we value privacy we’ll be implementing a better solution in the near future.

Did you receive this error message without using a vpn or proxy?

No problem at all, please raise a ticket on our Helpdesk and we will gladly give you access.

Not able to claim after 20 hours of your previous claim?

Actual rules of the Faucet are that there is only 1 public IP address per user, unfortunately some internet service providers recycle public IP addresses so there could be a case in which two different Faucet users have the same IP.
Interim Solution: Change of network and try to access the faucet again.

  • Use your mobile data to claim on the Faucet.
  • Try using a different network when claiming on the Faucet.
Error Message: There is already a registered account with your IP in the system

This issue happens for the same reason stated in the previous answer, try doing the same: Change of network and try to register again.

  • Use your mobile data to claim on the Faucet.
  • Try using a different network when claiming on the Faucet.
Issues on receiving the confirmation email when registering?

Please raise a ticket on our Helpdesk and we will gladly solve your registration issue.

Can I check my payment or Bonus Rounds history?

Yes, under the history tab, it is possible to review your claiming and Bonus Round history.

Why does my star counter get reset to zero?
  • Whenever you miss a reward period (20 to 30 hours between claims), the star count gets reset back to zero.
  • When the star counter reaches five stars, a bonus round is activated that when claimed, resets the star counter back to zero.
How does the referral system works?

For each activated referral on the Faucet (sign ups using your link from the referral tab), you will be awarded a bonus round, which gives you a chance to win up to 1 ZEN!

What is abusive use of the faucet?
  • Any type of malicious intent to use the Faucet differently than the reasons mentioned in the mission statement and/or affects other users' use on the Faucet.
  • Examples would be bots, automation, or excessive accounts.
  • We reserve the right to ban any account that we feel violates the spirit of the Faucet's mission statement.
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