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Free ZEN faucet is a completely FREE ZEN faucet paying out up to 150000 Satoshis every 20 hours . Each time you visit the faucet you will receive a random amount of Satoshis selected from the range from 50000 to 150000.

Built for the people

Built for the people

Our community already has an enduring history not only of positive relationships and friendly interactions but also of spontaneous support and engagement emerging to prevent or solve disparate problems.

Regain your Privacy

Regain your Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights,. Privacy underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech.

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Total ZEN given out to date: 154.17023338

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1 znd8oWaU9K86vpZvJkKyTjEqRmQxqRxbi1S 4899cfe0cde1de3866de0f2826911b0450923c9b3525072f85625d4d112d491e 54874 2018-12-15 16:02:28
2 zncnZmtmSySBYkx8ez6sMPXwHT26uP4LmiR 5cd3edb19d9e282e998cdb86efc88f180edb34a14989a900d05b213dbc23e2d6 50126 2018-12-15 16:02:22
3 znY2a1BhF2LJ8Ski6kXipfMbrSvogKvmE24 aadcb0e133a532628e9bb94043a082c264339ced67897cf0cbb36058c368afcb 53309 2018-12-15 16:01:44
4 znZAd7EsjkdNSvHwZiqsYgJpdkMnVzkm1ms 665aab7df783b523e7051e56394726bc9b4c400d31186f84194f0403f09e0add 54246 2018-12-15 16:01:36
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