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Free ZEN faucet

Free ZEN faucet

getZen.cash is a completely FREE ZEN faucet paying out up to 60000 Zatoshis every 20 hours. Each time you visit the faucet you will receive a random amount of Zatoshis selected from the range from 30000 to 60000.

Sphere by Horizen

Need a wallet ? Try Sphere by Horizen today!

Have control over your finances, download Sphere by Horizen Desktop wallet, a multifunctional app and launching point for most Horizen services. Supports both full and lite client, Zenchat, a secure messaging feature, also features for node operators. Click here

Learn Blockchain with the Horizen Academy

Learn Blockchain with the Horizen Academy

The Horizen Academy is free and open to everyone who has the desire to learn more about these fascinating technologies. We have created the academy for the central purpose of sharing our knowledge and passion for blockchain technology. Click here to visit the Horizen Academy

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# ZEN Address txid ZEN amount Date
1 znpQ2E6KJeRuWoKNXkmF1NNMhyzqnLNd8by 7998cfc920ce81b4bf545fa9b22eb551649433d8e461020be4f17af4f1ccddde 0.0025 2019-11-18 22:06:11
2 zndcoKXkqtwnCT7d3vtmM2Ce9MAt22tRNwR f79c38e222829990d69f6441b054a774dcb5b554b97cf99dc53e0a634d8fbebc 0.0025 2019-11-18 22:04:27
3 znfvUKB8y2EK7UunqyQyDSMmMoJb232u84i c27b221bf235046a2b6dfc81fbe5cc7552b0b9008667a5432c5c8aae8408e32c 0.1 2019-11-18 22:03:24
4 znkoGEFo8zXYwUw55pU3fNA1n58wsaUJkfa 8ecf1f9c845a64cf05ba851500867b5eec907e868e51483b8d7d698fe0504e3a 0.0025 2019-11-18 22:00:58
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